Diffusion Science radio: Hyperspectral fleet and Giant robots

Hyperspectral fleet and Giant robots

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Mind controlled cockroaches and giant battling robots by Ian Woolf,
Brian Lim talks about tracking pollution from his fleet of hyperspectral satellites,
Todd the T1000 by Jonathan Coulton.
Production checked by Charles Willock,
Produced and hosted by Ian Woolf

Brian Lim
Delta V Space Alliance

SJTUers Realize “Brain Control Cockroach”
Student creates cyborg cockroach that he can control with his THOUGHTS for science competition
Human To Cockroach Brain-Brain Interface Achieved
Cockroach leg controlled by human brain via Emotiv EPOC (video)
Researchers have worked out how to mind control cockroaches
Shanghai master's student controls cockroaches with 'brain link'
Cockroaches to the rescue: 'Cyborg' insects can help save people trapped in earthquakes
Cyborg cockroaches home in on sounds of distress
Cyborg roaches can save your life -- or be your wireless carrier
Robot Cockroaches and Mind-Controlled Robotic Insects Coming Soon Near You
Locomotion control of hybrid cockroach robots

/6600076>Giant human-piloted fighting robots to face off in battle after Japanese firm accepts US challenge

Jonathan Coulton

July 6, 2015
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