Diffusion Science radio: Warp drive and Antigravity

Warp drive and Antigravity

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MRI can treat cancer as well as diagnose it by Ian Woolf,
Professor Geraint Lewis talks about how Relativity may allow faster than light travel by space warp, and antigravity,
Edric Hong explains how origami is mathematics,
Nicola O'Brien talks about Code Rangers, where kids control technology,
Carmel Morris talks about paper airplanes.
Production checked by Charles Willock,
Produced and hosted by Ian Woolf

File 14-08-2015 5 25 22 pm
Geraint Lewis at Sydney Institute of Astronomy

2015-08-15 15.11.28
Nicola O'Brien of Code Rangers

2015-08-15 16.56.51
Edric Hong from Sydney Origami

2015-08-16 17.04.12
Carmel Morris

MRI scanners can steer tumour busting viruses to specific target sites within the body
Directing cell therapy to anatomic target sites in vivo with magnetic resonance targeting
Cancer breakthrough: MRI scanners can rid body of cancerous tumours, scientists claim
MRI scanners help doctors specifically target tumor treatment
MRI scans can deliver cancer therapy

August 31, 2015
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