Diffusion Science radio: Black holes, worm holes and time machines

Black holes, worm holes and time machines

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NICTA is enveloped by CSIRO by Ian Woolf,
Geraint Lewis talks about Black holes, worm holes, time machines and the EM drive,
Fletcher Thompson talks about his 3D printer designed for the classroom,
Red Shirt by Jonathan Coulton,
Production checked by Charles Willock
Produced and hosted by Ian Woolf

File 14-08-2015 5 25 22 pm
Professor Geraint Lewis at the Sydney Institute of Astronomy

2015-08-16 16.37.49
Fletcher Thompson from Me 3D

Sydney Mini Maker Faire

CSIRO Data61
CSIRO Adrian Turner
NICTA now calls CSIRO home
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Former Telstra chief David Thodey appointed CSIRO chair
Adrian Turner's Blue Sky mining book
CSIRO swallows up NICTA to create Data61
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Merged CSIRO and NICTA to become ‘Data61’
NICTA no more as CSIRO takes over
Up to 200 jobs could be lost as science bodies NICTA and CSIRO merge
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Telstra defends CEO's pay packet
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I can't defend my high salary, says Telstra CEO David Thodey

Jonathan Coulton

September 7, 2015
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