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Plants to eat, and plants that eat

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Beetroot for heart health.
Soluble fibre for healthy weight loss,
Carnivorous plants go underground by Ian Woolf
Produced and hosted by Ian Woolf.

insect eating Nepenthes pudica trap leaves underground and above ground
Daily beetroot juice could help people with common heart condition
The 10 Best Foods to Boost Nitric Oxide Levels
Acute ingestion of citrulline stimulates nitric oxide synthesis but does not increase blood flow in healthy young and older adults with heart failure
Two weeks of watermelon juice supplementation improves nitric oxide bioavailability but not endurance exercise performance in humans
Influence of L-citrulline and watermelon supplementation on vascular function and exercise performance

Prolonged Isolated Soluble Dietary Fibre Supplementation in Overweight and Obese Patients: A Systematic Review with Meta-Analysis of Randomised Controlled Trials
How Eating Fiber Can Help You Lose Belly Fat
Top 20 Foods High in Soluble Fiber
Food Sources of Soluble Fibre (Dietitians of Canada)

First record of functional underground traps in a pitcher plant: Nepenthes pudica (Nepenthaceae), a new species from North Kalimantan, Borneo

Soluble fibre per serve:

Passionfruit has 6.5 grams per half cup or 125g serving
Cooked black beans have 5.4 grams per three-quarter cup or 128 gram serving
Cooked lima beans have 5.3 grams per three-quarter cup or 129 gram serving
Cooked kidney beans have 3 grams per three-quarter cup or 133 grams
Cooked tofu has 2.8 grams per three quarter cup 150 g serving
Cooked carrots have 2.4 grams per cup or 128 grams
Avocados have 2.1 grams per half an avocado
Cooked Chickpeas, have 2.1 grams per 175 milliltre three quarter cup
Cooked brussel sprouts have 2 grams per one-half cup or 78 gram serving
Tangerines have 2 grams per fruit
Cooked oats have 1.9 grams per cup or 233 grams
Dried figs have 1.9 grams per one-quarter cup or 37 grams
Cooked sweet potato has 1.8 grams per one-half cup or 150 grams
Oranges have about 1.8 grams per small fruit
Cooked asparagus has 1.7 grams per half cup 175ml
cooked turnips have 1.7 grams per half cup or 82 grams
cooked broccoli has 1.5 grams per half cup or 92 grams
Pears have 1.5 grams per medium-sized fruit,
Nectarines have 1.4 grams per medium-sized fruit
Apricots have 1.4 grams per 3 fruits (because they're little,
Plums have 1.1 grams per two fruits
Hazelnets have 1.1 grams per quarter cup or 34 grams
Cooked barley has 0.8 grams per one-half cup or 79 gram serving,
Berries can contain anywhere from 0.3 to 1.1 grams per cup
Cooked peas have 0.3 to 1.3 grams per half cup or 125 gram serving
Cooked potato has 1.1 grams per small potato, so the more potatoes, the more soluble fibre!

June 27, 2022

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