Diffusion Science radio: Dorkbot, Putin, Sneezing and Sunlight

Dorkbot, Putin, Sneezing and Sunlight

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President Putin's views on the science of whaling and climate change by Lachlan Whatmore
How Grapefruit could make you pregnant by Ian Woolf
Ian Woolf speaks to Leigh Russell at Dorkbot. Leigh explodes a hydrogen filled condom to cause an Electromagnetic pulse that reboots a computer. He moves beads with sound and brings non-Newtonian fluids to life.
Listener question: Is sunlight behind glass just as good as outside? answered by Ian Woolf
Marc West spoke to Dr. Louis Ptacek about photic sneezing.
Presented by Lachlan Whatmore,
Produced by Ian Woolf

July 4, 2022

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